MC RW parralel window


  • Only 49 mm visible frame depth
  • Fitted-in sash
  • Glazing up to 44 mm. Triple glazing possible. Glazing using outside clamping slats
  • Three insulation levels: external, middle and internal
  • Thermal parameters: U-value 1.7 W/m2K using extra insulation and triple glazing
  • Crank out windows with operating arms whose number depends on sash size and glass weight. The arms allow for the use of special hardware and multi-point locking systems responsible for airtightness
  • Manual opening with two opposite handles or electric opening with servos
  • Optimal ventilation thanks to crank out sashes – unobstructed inward and outward air flow
  • Much more effective ventilation than in traditional windows
  • MC-PW top hung windows possible – leaves the original look of aluminium-glass wall almost untouched with open windows

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